8 Things to consider when setting up your planner.

8 Things To Consider adding when Setting up your 2022 planner & Planning system. 

I'm mind blown at the thought that we are 9 months into 2021 and just a few short months away from 2022! Time isn't waiting for us to get our ishhhh together ok. With time speeding by I decided to get a head start on setting up my 2022 planner setup and I wanted to share my tips on ways to stay on top of things and avoid being overwhelmed. Here are 8 Things you should consider including in your planner to set you up for a well balanced lifestyle. 


 # 1 Lifestyle categories: Dividing my life into small sections has been a game changer for me. My current 6 lifestyle categories are 

Personal Development - Focus on me, my life goals, values and beliefs 

Home & Family- Focus on my kids Routine, Home Management, My Marriage 

Work & Money- Focus on Building my Business, Personal brand , managing money

Health & Fitness - Focus Overall wellness , staying active and exercising, Eating healthly

Self care & Self Love - Focus on taking care of & loving myself,  inner peace and happiness 

Social Events & Hobbies - Focus on Experiences Events and People who bring joy  

They each have an underlying focus that supports my goals for this season in my life. By separating everything I can easily switch hats when needed, allowing me to be more present and focus on one thing at a time. The key is Creating time during the week to make sure each lifestyle category is being taken care of. 


 #2 RESET & REFRESH Routine : Another game changer loading!!! Having a reset plan is essential for me. I don’t know how I ever lived without one. When something is not working usually we start by powering off and restarting which essentially reset the system and then everything works again. USUALLY!  My reset routine has a list of tasks to do in order to wipe the slate clean and get back on track, follow up on incomplete tasks or plans and reschedule them for a more convenient time. As well as prepare myself for whatever I have upcoming in the near future. 


#3 ADMIN VIEW: being able to see your life or just the day ahead at the click of a button or the turn of a page is BOMB.com. My admin view is a digital system I've created using google calendar and trello and a few pages in my planner. Here you will find my to do list personal notes, schedule, goals, a list of all my routines and systems. Essentially my life at a glance.

#4 VISION BOARDS & GOALS: Planners are so much more than to do list and schedules. Planners can be a roadmap to guide you towards your goals and ideal lifestyle. Adding yearly, quarterly or even monthly vision boards to your planner system, gives you a look at the bigger picture helping you to stay reminded of your purpose and reasons. 

Part of planning is falling in love with the process of creating reality. 

#5 FOLLOW UP SYSTEM  aka accountability system. Once I make my plans for the week or month I make a list of things that I need to follow up on. Other wise they will end up in a planner grave where plans go to be forgotten and eventually die. The follow up is just as important as setting the plan. 

#6 HABIT TRACKERS & Time Trackers Take some time to track your daily habits and how you are spending your time this way you can know exactly what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. The first time I used a time tracker I realized I spent an insane amount of time on social media or my phone not being productive. This is cool if that’s what you want from life, But for me I would rather invest my time into my own life not watching other people live. Habit tracking help me monitor how often I was doing the things I wanted to accomplish and replace bad habits with productive ones 

#7 MAYBE LATER  Sometimes we put too much on our plate and later decide it’s too much this section in my planner houses great ideas that I’m able to work towards later when I have more time. This also help when looking for a new projects or ideas.  

#8 Common place notebook Here is where I take notes. Having all my notes In one place has been essential to my planing routine. As before I had 10 paper notebooks  and loads of digital notes randomly stored arocss my phone how could I ever find anything. Now I just keep my one common place notebook that I can handwrite my thoughts to later digitize into my system. 

I hope you learned something new to add to your planning lifestyle share it with a friend 

Xoxo Dominique 

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