5 Ways To Plan Self Care

Taking care of yourself has never been more popular. With the increasing awareness surrounding self care, It can easily get overwhelming trying to figure out where to start and what you actually need. It's Important to know that self-care looks different for us all. Self care is a reflection of you and your personal needs to recharge so that you can operate as your best self and ultimately live your best life. 

Self care doesn't have to be hard. Self care is all about being intentional with prioritizing your needs to take care of yourself. But don’t worry, I have some tips for you. Let’s start from the top. 

Tip 1 : It all starts with your mindset 

Every time I hear someone say the words : “I’m too busy for self care” I Cringe! Not to judge them but because two short years ago I was here as well. What I was essentially saying was that Everything & Everyone came before me. YIKES. 

After a few therapy sessions - Because YES Therapy is self care, I was presented with a homework assignment to write down what was important to me. What do I Value in life? My therapist knew just from speaking with me. I wouldn’t be on my own list. This was a creative way to get me to recognize this as well.

The point! 

The longest relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. Prioritizing yourself over Work, Family, and social activities will only make you stronger and more equipped to get things done in the end. 

To add to the importance of mindset, Being conscious of the way you speak to yourself and allow others to speak to you as well as the things you consume on a daily basis, will play a huge part in the health of your mindset. Protect your peace and eliminate everything that does not support the values you've set yourself.  

Tip #2: You Need Routines 

I know routines sound cliche and a bit old school. But IT WORKS! Having a foundation set on how your day will go is equivalent to having a GPS when going somewhere you've never been before. Without it most people will likely be lost or delayed. Creating a routine does not have to be hard. 

6 Easy Routines you can create today!

  1. Morning  & Night Routine 
  2. Weekend & Reset Routine
  3. Home & Family Routines  
  4. Work & Finances 
  5. Self Care Routines 
  6. Health & Fitness 

Important Note!: You don’t have to follow your routine to a T everyday. That is unrealistic but using this as a base point has helped me eliminate decision fatigue and avoid procrastination. Essentially allowing me to crave out time for the things that I enjoy. 

Tip # 3 UNPLUG!!!! 

I can not stress this enough you need to unplug. For how long is entirely up to yo, But I think everyone can benefit from a little Time away from our devices. Social media has taken over and the reality is that we don’t know how it will affect our mental health in the future. We are constantly being fed information (contradicting info at that).  Promotions and ads for things we don’t need. Beauty standards that are impossible to live up too. 

A whole lotta whole lotta 

Our brains need time to process it all. So consider unplugging to give your mind a break, avoid things that overstimulate you and just relax and connect within.  


How many of us start by setting up a beautiful planner or purchasing one with the idea that this is what will help me get my life on track. Understand that your planner is a tool and can actually do just that. But, guess? What you have to use it… it won’t work sitting on your desk full of pretty stickers and plans you never follow through with. It won’t work if you use it to take a cute photo to post on the gram and then close it and place it on your aesthetically pleasing shelf. It works when you do the work. Plan and simple. Creating a planning routine will help you stay on track with making time to plan ahead, review previous plans, & take action steps towards your dream lifestyle. 

This one might seem like I’m coming for you because I am  

but know that i'm coming for you with love!  

Tip #5  Treat yourself! 

I don’t think most of us needed this reminder but for those that do this is for you boo. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted and it's time to start receiving that. Life is hard enough, we create balance by finding enjoyment regularly. Not every once in a while. I said REGULARLY. Here’s a list of simple things we can do for self care daily. However, I encourage you to create a self care routine and create a list of ways to treat yourself through the month. 


 I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to plan for self care. If so please share it with someone you love. 



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