7 Tools I Use to created work Life balance

7 Tools I Use to created work Life balance

As a self employed mom, Work Life Balance has always been a struggle for me. It seems as if meeting my business goals and family goals simultaneously were impossible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting me and my family you know they are my pride and joy & My first priority. But I still have goals I want to achieve outside of my family. As well as personal priorities for myself. Since the relaunch of my shop, I have put a few things in place to help me create a work life balance system that even I can’t mess up. Let's get into it 

#1 Google Calendar - Ok I know we love our planners but the convenience of a digital calendar that I can check at anytime and from any device has truly transformed my planning system. Not only that I can also share calendars with my husband and sync schedules. 

#2 Trello - Trello is like my life data base. It is my digital hub for managing my business and I’ve been using it for years.  But now I've decide to use it for my home and personal life. I can plan our meal plans ,cleaning routines holidays birthdays and travel and more. I hope to share more about how I use trello soon. So make sure you check back for this. 

#3 Alexa - Alexa Tell my kids to hush!!!! Alexa is all over our home. -and we’ve just added one to the office. The features are insane for a business and family structure. I can Send quick notification to my family and communicate across the house without grabbing my phone. I can program alexa to alert us of routine task like school pickup and family game night and my personal fav Dinner's Ready!!! 

#4 & #5 Meal prep & Walmart Grocery Delivery -On the subject of dinner, I used to dread cooking for a family of 4. We all eat differently picky kids, Caribbean husbands and health conscious mom. Dinner time used to be a nightmare. But now I created a meal prep system. The first part is using trello to plan out our meals for the week. I search the web for meal ideas and add the recipes to trello and the ingredients to my shopping cart on The walmart grocery app. Once I check out and schedule my delivery all that's left is cooking and storing. Having meals ready to go daily saves me a ton of time during the week. Delivery saves me time shopping. and I never have to hear what's for dinner? 

Best part when I say we have food at home we actually do. 

#6 Home Security Camera  - Having home cameras allows me to monitor my home when i'm not there. Keep an eye on the kids when I am busy at home or choosing to work from home. I can confirm that my oldest has made it inside safely from the school bus if I'm not home & even communicate with whomever is near the device.

#7 Screen Time blockers - I was almost done brainstorming this post. And then my son is here helping me write my blog post and of course he mentions Screen time monitors that we have on all the devices. Limiting screen time definitely helps us stay on task and stay connected. Plus it makes sure I’m actually being productive when I’m away from home.  ~& not strolling on socials and checking emails which seem to be endless. 

I didn't mention my actual planners because I'm sure I will cover them in great detail at some point. If you found this post helpful please share it with a fellow planner goddess. 

 xoxo Dominique 



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